Gov. CAGE Code: 5JG25

Supplier of Reusable Plastic Containers

For over 20 years, Solo Products has provided industrial packaging products and services to industries including Automotive, Military & Government, Medical, Appliance, and Agricultural Customers. Solo is a distributor of leading reusable container manufacturers, providing an extensive selection of new and used reusable packaging containers such as plastic bulk containers, plastic hand-held trays, plastic totes and containers, intermediate bulk containers, book containers, plastic pallets, and specialty FDA approved food grade boxes. Solo Products solutions are designed to protect products, improve workflow, lower operating costs, and increase profitability. And Solo Products closes the availability gap by stocking what you need in as little as a 24-hour lead time!

Featured Reusable Containers

Reusable Plastic Container Totes Attached Lids
Reusable Plastic Bakery Trays and food handling trays FDA Approved
Reusable Plastic Bulk Boxes Bulk Bins Drop Doors
Reusable Plastic Fixed Wall Specialty Bulk Boxes
Reusable Plastic Pallets

Solo’s Fabrication Services

Our plastic manufacturing center has the most advanced equipment to create precision prototypes and components. We also offer these services at competitive pricing regardless of volume, which is why we can customize your product for any application’s needs!

Die Cutting and CNC Fabrication Services

The emergence of precision die-cutting services has significantly impacted the manufacturing industry, providing efficient solutions for a wide range of products, including automotive components and packaging materials. This guide delves into die-cutting, discusses applications and techniques, and highlights Solo Products as a leading player in the Midwest. Solo Products, renowned for its expertise, assures quick turnaround times and competitive pricing. The fabrication service team at Solo Products is committed to providing project timelines and cost estimates for clients.

Solo’s Team

Solo Products is committed to providing exceptional customer service, striving for excellence with every contact. We operate in an industry built on trust – with every order and need, from continuous bulk orders of die-cut foam for the automotive industry, to local farms and bakeries in need of reusable food-grade plastic containers and bakery trays.

Company Founder and CEO, Steve Kunkemoeller, has assembled a dynamic and engaging, customer-driven team, each player bringing something spectacular to the table. Let us introduce you to this outstanding team dedicated to providing unparalleled customer support and service!