Container Recycling and Repair

Container Repair and Plastic Recycling is a Priority

Oftentimes, plastics and fabrication reusable plastic container repair and plastic container recyclingmanufacturing renders an excess of scrap and unusable leftover materials. Instead of contributing to this Global Plastic Waste Crisis, Solo Products has adopted this sustainable stewardship as a way of life by recycling all of its scraps, introducing a container repair program, and providing sustainable, reusable packaging solutions across the globe!

“In the last few months, the effects upon wildlife that come from eating, or becoming entangled in, plastic debris have been reported more widely and more often than ever before, leading to public outcry and protests. There are an estimated 270,000 tons of plastic floating through the world’s seas, which threatens 700 marine species with its presence. Further, there is growing evidence that plastics play a role in rising rates of species extinctions.”

– GrrlScientist,

In addition to Solo’s recycling initiatives, we repair plastic containers for a wide array of industry clients. This program repairs large plastic bulk and steel containers for a wide array of industry clients and enables longer-term re-usability. Our vast stock of doors, latches, and runners, as well as welding services, ensures a quick and seamless repair process.

Along with container repair programs and plastics recycling, Solo has also started taking on new recycling projects to include steel waste and other metal components. Solo will continue to seek out more recycling solutions to eliminate their carbon footprint, inside and outside of manufacturing.

plastic container welding and container repair

Production Manager, Ken Sims repairs a reusable bulk box for an e-commerce customer.

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