Solo Products’ Sustainable Initiatives

Cincinnati, OH – Solo Products, Inc, is excited to introduce an even further sustainable option for their plastic container customers, a previously used Buckhorn reusable plastic bulk box container that will meet all of the standards of the brand new version, just a little rougher around the edges, with a significantly reduced price-point, all while repudiating the often inevitable landfill course of disposal.

Solo Products believes that these used plastic bulk containers will provide a necessary resolution to several customers that cannot secure budgeting for their mint condition younger versions. There are a handful of industry companies that offer the idea of used plastic containers as well, and despite the obvious competition, Solo is happy to see that type of growth among its industry peers. Now the trick is to sustain competitive pricing, inventory availability, and to ultimately compliment this product line by adding Solo’s outstanding sales and customer service team to the mix. Look to their social media accounts for more product information, feature deals, rewards, and sustainability efforts.

For 16 years, we’ve secured a solid foundation of reusable used bulk boxes for our customer base, offering them at significantly discounted pricing. It meets the customers’ business need, and it keeps literal tons of plastic out of the landfills – any unsellable items will be added to our (company) recycling program. We should celebrate that kind of sustainable growth across the industry.

Steve Kunkemoeller, Solo Products Founder