27 x 23 x 6 High Rise Multi-level Tray


Bakery Tray – Food Handling Container


27” x 23” x 6” High Rise Multi-level Tray

Features and Benefits:

Collapses to 3 different levels!
• Tongue-and-groove design for positive, secure tray stacking.
• Low walls for easy product access.
• Two-way or four-way hand truck entry allows for accessibility and
convenient moving and loading.
• Open-grid bottom and open sides allow maximum air flow for product
• Stack and nest within footprints to eliminate wasted space and reduce
backhaul space.
• Allow full cube of trailers, Reducing transport costs.
• Combine with plastic or steel dollies for easy transport.
• Molded of HDPE; will not corrode or splinter.
• Freezer-safe and 100% recyclable.
• Use with temperatures of -20˚ to 120˚ F.
Customization and identification options available.


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Beige, Black