Automotive Specifications

Automotive Specifications for Die Cutting and CNC Fabrication

Partial listing of Automotive Specifications

A-A-59135 and A-A-59136 – cushioning and packaging applications
ASTM-D-4020 –
B100-14PT – Pressure Sensitive Synthetic Rubber Adhesive
BSR Tape – Buzz, Squeak, and Rattle
GM6420M – flocked fabric, felt, or nonwoven sound abatement tape
EE-1010 – foam laminated
F-00281 –
TSL3505G-6 – Sound absorption silencer pad materials
TSK6712G – sealing foams
TSL3505G -Silencer pad materials
TNZ5002 – Colourfastness to light
TSF7354G – Material Properties for Plastic Consoles
TSF7360G – Test Method for Package Tray Trim
TSF7754G – Door trim material characteristics
TSF7762G – Roof Headlining Material properties
TSF9650Y – Classification system for finished plastic part performance qualities
TSH1501G – Print resistance of paint film
TSH1503G – Adhesive property of paint film
TSH1504G – Flexibility of paint film
TSH1505G – Water Resistance of Paint Film
TSH1508G – Volatile solvent resistance of paint film
TSH1509G – Chemical resistance of paint film
TSH1513G – Fading Property of Paint Film – Rubbing Fastness
TSH1519G – Gloss of Paint Film
TSH1539G – Hardness of paint film
TSH1585G – Xenon Arc Weathering Resistance of Paint Film
TSH3108G – Paints for Bright Trims
TSH3130G – Pain Quality for Interior Parts
TSH3131G – Paint Quality of Exterior Parts
TSH6504G – Electroplated Chromium Coatings for Decoration
TSK5618G – Emulsion adhesives for interior trim materials
TSL0601G – Change in Colour By Ageing – Xenon Arc
TSL0601G-1 – Criteria for Change in Colour by ageing
TSL1600G – Polyester Threads for Seat Sewing
TSL2100G – Standard test Method for Woven Fabrics and Knitted Fabrics
TSL2606G – Woven Fabrics for Seat Covers
TSL2610G – Knitted fabrics for seat covers
TSL3101G – General test methods for boards
TSL3505G – Silencer pad materials
TSL3607G – Package tray trim cover materials
TSL3608G – Sound-Absorbing Materials in Engine Compartments
TSL3610G – Moulded head lining cover materials
TSL5100G) – General test methods for vinyl leathers
TSL5705G – Covering sheets Silencers Dash Panel Inner
TSL9002Y – Colourfastness to light
TSL9005Y – Wear performance – pile fabrics
TSL9205Y – Pile fabrics
TSL9500Y – Non-woven fabrics
TSL9900Y – Fabric lamination
TSL9902Y – Fabric

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