Paisley Elliott Founder Paisley Elliott is at a plastic version of the Shine Desk and Shine accessories for Paisley’s Pals’ educational outreach in Africa.

Cincinnati Design & Fabrication Company Partners with Paisley’s Pals to Empower Students Worldwide

Solo Products, a Cincinnati-based CNC fabrication company, has partnered with Paisley’s Pals, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational resources to underprivileged children globally. This collaboration aims to empower students with innovative tools and resources, starting with the development of the unique and weather-resistant Desk.

9-Year-Old Girl’s Passion Inspires Collaboration

Paisley, a remarkable 9-year-old, fueled the partnership with her dedication to raising funds for educational materials in Africa. Inspired by her story, aired on Fox News, the Solo Products CEO contacted Paisley’s parents, offering the company’s design and fabrication expertise.

Shine Desk: A Durable Solution for Global Learning

Solo Products worked closely with Paisley’s Pals to develop a plastic version of the Desk to withstand the harsh African climate. Production Manager Ken Sims elaborated, “We designed a customized CNC program to produce Desks in HDPE plastic, ensuring their durability against rain and weather.”

Empowering Students with the Shine Box

The Desk will be a component of the SHINE Box, an innovative education kit currently piloted by Paisley’s Pals. This comprehensive kit provides students with essential learning tools and resources, fostering a positive and engaging learning environment.

Solo Products: Committed to Global Education

Solo Products is proud to contribute to Paisley’s Pals’ mission of empowering students worldwide. “We are thrilled to be a part of this impactful project,” stated Ken Sims. “Creating the Shine Desk allows us to make a tangible difference in students’ lives and access to quality education.”

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Together, Solo Products and Paisley’s Pals are committed to fostering a brighter future for students across the globe.


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